Elegant Doves International, Inc.

About Us

Linda Michelle Trainer, Founder & Director

Our History

The​ vision of the ministry originated in 1988, stemming from personal experience of its founder, Linda Michelle Trainer. She was a young adult in crisis and needed guidance about how to face the trauma of incest. A crisis hotline led her to a recording, with seemingly no local help in sight. The disappointment and pain made it clear to her that she had to act.

Over the next few years, EDI was established as an educational and support system and expanded to include collaborations with other organizations, including a focus on empowering women and teen girls suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse and abortion. We have expanded further to include the entire family unit in the healing and prevention of sexual abuse in families.

Elegant Doves has worked with a vast number of woman and teen girls around the globe. We help them recognize and overcome the pain in their past and find avenues for hope, healing and purpose in their future, transforming and empowering their present.  


 Elegant Doves International, Inc (EDI), help to break the generational cycle of sexual abuse in families through emotional healing and prevention training. We equip women, teen girls and their family wounded by incest/child-hood sexual abuse and abortion from a wounded spirit through workshops, retreats, webinars, personal development coaching, sexual abuse prevention training and crisis hotline assistance. We empower women of all ages to recognize and overcome the pain of their past and find avenues of hope and purpose for their future to help transform their present.  We train groups, families and organizations that work with children, providing tools to proactively protect children from sexual abuse. We do one on one and group coaching for women to empower them past their pain and into their purpose.

One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused by age 18; 

only one in ten of them report.

INCEST: Incest is often defined as sexual contact between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal. It also involves caregivers entrusted with the responsibility of keeping children safe. All socioeconomic groups are affected and the abuse leaves deeps wounds that cause low self-esteem and self-destructive behavior.

POST ABORTION TRAUMA: abortion leaves some women with an experience similar to PTSD with symptoms of anxiety, depression, guilt and suicidal thoughts.

TRAINING: We train groups, families and individuals that work where ever children might  be and provide tools and strategies to protect children from child sexual abuse. We also offer one on one and group coaching for women to empower them past their pain and into their purpose.


As a private, 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, EDI relies on the tax deductible  donations of individuals foundations and organizations. Donor information is not shared, as we honor the trust that supporters place in our organization.